Do you need FAA Cerfication?

Aviation Medical Certificates 
A requirement for most pilots is an aviation medical certificate. There are some pilots, such as certain sports pilots and balloon pilots, are not required to obtain an aviation medical certificate. Other fliers, though, have to pass an aviation medical exam to legally utilize the privileges of our pilot certificates.
FAA Medical Aviation Certificates
First class, second class and third class are three types of medical certificates that the FAA issues. Student pilots, some sport pilots and private pilots are required to have a third class certificate. All commercial pilots need to obtain at least a second class certificate. Airline pilots are required in all cases to maintain a first class certificate. A third class medical certificate will suffice if you are just beginning, however if you are working toward a future career as a pilot, you might want to obtain a first class certificate. This will ensure that you meet the necessary medical requirements.

You have nothing to worry about if you are perfectly fit and healthy. Many of us have some minor health glitches, however. Certainly knowing which health problems will disqualify you, or which will require a special issuance medical certificate will not only help calm your fears, it will also provide you with valuable information for your doctor.
FAA Medical Aviation Exam
If you are concerned about a certain medical condition research it before your appointment so you will show up prepared. Research the FAA medical exam guide online to find out about specific health problems. Additionally there are a lot of other online resources available for free that can guide you in the right direction.
Most people pass the FAA aviation medical exam without a problem. Certain medical conditions may require a special issuance medical certificate for some pilots which means that the doctor must submit your application to the FAA for review. Both the FAA and the doctors want you to fly, so if your condition does not interfere with the safety of the flight, then you will likely be issued an aviation medical certificate after a review. Soon you should be clear for takeoff.